Kat Moon

Next Steps!

August 2, 2010

Hi everyone! Hope your day is blessed!

Say it. Believe it. Receive it! 

Next steps... go forth without fear! Pray with the intention to see all of my goals and dreams blossom and develop! No holds bars only go forth and stay strong. Leaving all past regrets, failures and negative remarks back where they belong...behind. I have grown healthier spiritually, mentally, and physically! Once again rediscovering the bubbling feeling of believing childhood dreams CAN and WILL come true with confidence, positivity, a splash of luck and a mustard seed of hope blended with prayer!

Disney Films & Silver Screen here I come! :)  

These are my Next Steps of action. Now create your own!             

Hearts & Hugs

-Kat Moon


The Weekend Is Near

July 10, 2010
Hello world!

Hope everyone had or is enjoying their Friday and will have a super awesome weekend to come.
If you're working this weekend I hope it goes smoothly and if you're relaxing or hanging out with family or friends I hope you have a nice one. Remember to play safe and have a blessed one! :)

Until next time!

Hearts & Hugs


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Sunday Reflections

June 20, 2010
Hi everyone!

It's Kat here. Wanted to send some love and hugs to everyone. It's a beautiful Sunday and I tell you what... Days like these make me reflect on how blessed one is even in the midst of change... Yes you can be blessed and not stressed in the midst of change. 

I know and a going through these changes as we speak.

Remember keep your head up & your spirit high!

Hearts & Love,


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