Kat Moon

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Kat Moon


Height : 5’11

Weight : 150

Eyes : Dark Brown

Hair : Black



Commercial & Industrial

Ideal Smiles                                   Spokes Person                               365 Marketing Group

BP                                                     Shelly                                                Bill Young Productions

Luby's                                              Featured                                          VT2 Productions


Read On                                        Diane /Principal                                Seven and a Half Seals Productions

Hurry                                           Jaime /Supporting                               Seven and a Half Seals Productions



 We Are                                              Lori’s Reflection,                           The Kennedy Center/Millennium Stage

                                                            Bipolar Advocate,                           w/ Dionysus Theatre Troupe

                                                            Lead Vocalist, Chorus


Code Red, White and Blue            Dr. Ennui, Marquia,                       The Hobby Center / Houston

                                                            Lead Vocalist, Chorus                  w/ Dionysus Theatre Troupe


HanuRamaKwanzaMas                 Johanna and Chorus                   Alley Theatre / Houston

                                                                                                                      w/ Dionysus Theatre Troupe


The Little Match Girl                        Death                                             Fort Bend Community Theatre


Radio and Voice-over

Thankster!                                         Animated / Instructional Voice   Funwunce

Ideal Smiles                                     Spokes Person                             365 Marketing Group

My FIT CORP                                    Lead Interactive Voice                 Funnwunce  

Church’s Chicken                           Spicy Chicken Girl                         Cartel Creativo Inc.       

The Front Row                                 Live Studio Performance             88.7FM Houston’s Classical Station

                                                        and Interview               





Bob Luke                                Auditioning Workshop                                             The Houston School of Film

Felicidi Scott                        Acting 101                                                                      The Houston School of Film

Connie Cooper                   Intermediate-Film Acting,                                            The Houston School of Film

               Intensive Film Workshop,

               Acting in L.A. and Houston, Privates

Mike Vance                          Voice-Over                                                                     The Houston School of Film

Eleese Lester                      Creating Characters for Camera,                            The Houston School of Film

               Advanced Actors Intensive

Tom Logan                          On Camera Commercial,                                            Houston Seminar

                                                TV & Film Acting

Deke Anderson                    On Camera Commercial & Film Acting                   Next Level Acting Studios        

                                                *On Going Classes*


Vocals:                          Glenn Sharp; Kathy Williams


Special Skills and Interests

Culinary Skills, Dance (modern/urban/freestyle), Barista (trained), Biking, Bowling, Painting, Improvisation, Fashion / Interior Design, Vocalist, *Valid Passport

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