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Kat Moon

Kat Moon

Actress / Culinary Advisor / Vocalist

Originally from Detroit, Kat Moon, began her acting journey at the age of five when her family moved to Houston. Kat has graced the stages of the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC to performing and modeling in LA. She has appeared in numerous television and web commercials to independent and national films.

Kat is also known for her Emcee work for benefits, celeb events and parades. Later on her love for country music lead her to the DJ circuit where Kat became one of the top female country club DJay's in Houston.

Kat is also an established chef with seventeen years of culinary and management experience under her belt. Kat enjoys creating mixed media pieces and has been featured in magazines, art galleries and cafes.  

Kat's future plans are to move to either Los Angeles or New York to further her acting and voice-over career. On the  culinary angle Kat plans on opening up several cafes and lounges throughout the states.

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